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Formed to lower the cost of Oracle Technology for our clients


Oracle Apps 11i, Developer 6i, Designer 6i, Highly trained and experienced, cost-effective developers.


Oracle DBA Support packages - minimal, intermediate, advanced, 24x7, 365 days per year


DBA Healthchecks, Oracle Apps Implementations and upgrades; Ad-hoc Oracle consultancy


Oracle databases, networks, operating systems, entire infrastructure


Queries; request a brochure, comments.
Xcedes Consultancy
Our consultants cover the entire Oracle toolset and are there to help you.  Whether it's technical architects, developers, database administrators, Oracle Applications, system administrators, Unix Administrators or portal development, Xcedes can manage it for you.
The most common requests include
  • Help in specifying database servers
  • Database health-checks
  • Network & O/S health-checks
  • Identifying and resolving performance problems
  • Upgrading/migrating Oracle
  • Development Resource
  • Consultancy on a specific problem
How It Works
As an example, we are typically able to perform a database health check in 2 days - with a written report summarising your database configuration, detailing steps which should be taken to ensure your database meets 'best practice'.

For an example of such a report, please contact us. . .
The Xcedes Solution
We are able to perform much of our work remotely - which keeps our costs down.

We charge on a daily or hourly basis depending whether the work is to be carried out on-site or remotely. For further information please call us. . .
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